Connect DFW Highlights Associate of the Month

IRVING, TX - The leaders at Connect DFW understand the importance of recognizing their associ-ates' efforts and contributions to the firm. The company's CEO highlighted one of her team mem-bers and discussed the significance of such recognition.

“The Connect DFW culture is rich with support, energy, learning, and growth,” said Rachel O’Hara, the company CEO. “It’s the perfect setting in which to operate a flourishing business. Of course, it’s really my team members who comprise this culture. Without them, this firm would not be where it is today, and I’m committed to expressing my appreciation on a regular basis.”

Most recently, Rachel O’Hara named Nate Connect DFW’s associate of the month. He has exceeded the expectations of the company’s leaders, and acts in accordance with the firm’s guiding values at all times. He is also a great collaborator, and the energy he brings to the workplace is palpable.

Nate receives just as much value from the company as he puts into it. He indicated, “The ability to make an impact on someone’s life and career is most gratifying to me. Seeing someone grow and know that I had an impact is one of the greatest rushes in the business world you can get.”

Like his colleagues, Nate is also quite goal-focused. Living a significant distance away from his family, he intends to earn as many business travel opportunities as possible to embrace every chance to spend some time closer to his loved ones. The former collegiate soccer player is passionate about the fields of sports, entertainment, and telecom, and also hopes to expand the business to either the Pacific Northwest or the Denver region in the future.

Connect DFW Associate of the Month Describes Career Gains

Discussing all he has gained from his career at Connect DFW so far, Nate explained, “I don’t even know where to start. You literally get out what you put into any opportunity. The harder you work, the further you'll get in life. I’ve learned the importance of investing time and effort into those who are willing to work hard. I’ve also learned that you have to believe in something, and take initiative on what you want.”

Nate had some advice to share as well. He urged people to find mentors and learn as much as possible from them. He also suggested that ambitious professionals should identify their weaknesses, and work with their mentors and other network contacts to identify solutions for those shortcomings. He added, “I now live by the statement, ‘People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.’ It’s my personal mission to prove how much I care about what I do and establish myself as an influencer.”

About Connect DFW

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